Pre/Post-Operative Instructions

For any surgery-related questions not answered on this page please contact our surgery coordinator at (702) 360-0200.

Pre-Operative Instructions for Retinal Surgery

History and Physical

Our office will arrange for you to have a pre-operative history and physical done prior to surgery. This appointment will take place no more than thirty days before your scheduled surgery. You must go to this appointment or your surgery will be rescheduled.

Please bring ALL of your medications with you to this appointment. Insulin dependent diabetic patients may have their regular insulin dosage changed the day of the surgery. Discuss this with the doctor at the time of your history and physical appointment.

Lab Work/EKG/Chest X-ray

An appointment to have certain tests may be made before your surgery. If your doctor or the hospital does not require this, routine tests may be done the day of surgery.

Arrival to the Hospital

Please arrive at the hospital two hours before your scheduled surgery time (no earlier than 6 a.m.). Be sure to bring your current medications and insurance cards. Wear loose comfortable clothing and leave any valuables at home. Please arrange for transportation to and from the hospital, as it is hospital policy not to let you drive home following surgery.

Food and Drink

You must have an empty stomach before having retina surgery at the hospital. Do not eat or drink anything, including water at least eight hours before your surgery time.

Discharge from the Hospital

Surgery discharge is usually the same day as the procedure. You will be required to come to one of our offices the day after your surgery to see your doctor for your first postoperative visit. The location of your first visit will be discussed with you before your surgery. Make sure you bring the eye drops and any other medication given to you by the hospital to your office visit with us. Again, you must have a friend or family member pick you up, as the hospital staff will not let you leave alone!

Post-Operative Instructions for Retinal Surgery


You will not be able to drive yourself home after your surgery. Please make arrangements with a friend or family member for transportation to and from the hospital.


Avoid strenuous activities, heavy lifting or any activity that may cause eye discomfort. You may shower, shampoo, wash your face and shave as needed. Do not get water directly in the eye. Watching television will not hurt your eye. If you have had a gas bubble put into your eye, you may not fly or travel to high altitudes until the gas bubble is gone.

Patching the Eye

An eye patch will be worn for up to one week, with a shield over the patch to protect the operated eye at night. If glasses are worn, they will fit over one patch. Discharge and blood stained tears are commonly seen. Clean your lids with gauze pads or cotton balls and sterile eyewash provided from the hospital each morning. Change the patch as needed wearing a new clean patch everyday.

Eye Drops

Wash your hands before administering eye drops, then gently pull the lower eyelid downward to form a pouch. Tilt your head backward and hold the dropper above the eye and drop the prescribed amount of medication inside the lower lid. Never touch the tip of the eyedropper to your eye or any surface. Wait a minute between drops if you are using more than one. Store the drops at room temperature unless otherwise instructed by your doctor.

Pain or Irritation

It is common to experience irritation or a foreign body sensation for a few weeks after surgery. Lid swelling, discharge and blood stained tears are commonly seen. For mild pain, use Tylenol or Aspirin. If the pain is not relieved, or if there is increased swelling or redness of the eye, please call our office.

Special Positioning

Depending on the type of retinal surgery you have had, your doctor may have instructed you to maintain a certain head position. Special instructions may include face down positioning or right or left cheek down. Specific instructions will be given to you by the doctor regarding your positioning before and after your surgery.

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